Reverend Guitars Flatroc back by popular demand

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Reverend Guitars Flatroc back by popular demand

Words by Sam McNiece

As played by legend Dan Auerbach.

If your guitar seems to be missing some twang, Reverend Guitars have re-released their Flatroc guitar model. This updated version now features a Bigsby B50 tremolo, some new pickups and a few cool colourways to choose from.

What you need to know:

  • Reverend Guitars have released an updated version of their classic Flatroc guitar model.
  • The new iteration features upgraded Retroblast pickups and a Bigsby B50 paired with their own soft touch spring.
  • The Reverend Flatroc is available now and like all their guitars, is made from Korina.

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A favourite of Dan Auerbach, the Flatroc is a Korina bodied guitar with a maple bolt-on neck. This particular model has a roasted maple neck which is heat treated at over 150° celsius to ensure less seasonal adjustments for you the player and a vintage look.

Changes from the original Flatroc include new custom Retroblast bridge and neck pickups. These mini-humbuckers boast a midrange punch, chimey highs and string-to-string definition that Reverend are known for. The pickups are tuned for each individual position which creates a balanced sound and can be dialed in to taste via the 3-way switch.

Also new on this reissue is the Bigsby B50 tremolo working together with one of Reverend’s own creations, the soft touch spring. This addition to the Bigsby gives it a ‘broken in’ feel to allow for smooth tremolo manoeuvring from the get go.

Controls on this guitar have a little more than meets the eye. There’s the bass contour control for starters which is a passive bass roll off that allows for versatile voicing of your pickups. Pair this with the ‘treble bleed’ control which accentuates the high end of the frequency spectrum when turning down the volume control, you’ve almost got a two band EQ.

The guitar, which is available now, comes in three different colours, Transparent White, Rock Orange and Metallic Emerald.

Head to Reverend Guitars for more information and for local enquiries, get in touch with Music & Audio.