Bullet For My Valentine’s new eponymous record is their fiercest yet

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Bullet For My Valentine’s new eponymous record is their fiercest yet

bullet for my valentine band
(Image: Fiona Garden)
Words by Sam McNiece

The Welsh metal band comes full force back into the fold.

After defining British metalcore in the 2000s with their incredible debut, The Poison, Bullet For My Valentine have no intentions of slowing down. Their upcoming self-titled record will be their seventh full length album, which judging by the singles, is set to be their hardest and heaviest release.

What you need to know:

  • British metal mainstays Bullet For My Valentine are back with a new self titled record.
  • The album is easily their heaviest release to date, with a fierce new approach, coming out guns blazing.
  • Bullet For My Valentine is now releasing November 5, 2021 after COVID-19 related manufacturing delays.

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“This is the beginning of Bullet 2.0,” says vocalist and lead guitarist Matt Tuck. “It signifies where we are right now. The music is fresh, it’s aggressive, it’s more visceral and more passionate than it’s ever been.”

The lead single ‘Knives’ is as heavy as they’ve ever been. It’s chuggy, dark and features Tuck screaming across the whole track with a no holds barred approach that exemplifies this “Bullet 2.0” sentiment. Their second single ‘Parasite’ is equally heavy, if not more so. It features the same heavy instrumentation as ‘Knives’ with Tuck screaming for most of the track bar a middle 8 which harks back to old BFMV’s melodic driven vocals.

The writing process for Bullet For My Valentine started September 2019 which was subsequently paused due to COVID-19, and picked back up mid 2020 with Tuck working with producer Carl Brown at Treehouse Studio in Chesterfield to finish the job. Each member laid down their parts separately for COVID compliance and safety not that you’d be able to tell based on how cohesive the singles sound.

This record follows their last release Gravity, which saw their catalogue hit 1 billion streams in the U.S. solidifying their place as one of the hottest metal bands around.

“I think it’s the most ferocious side of Bullet For My Valentine that I’ve ever known,” says lead guitarist Michael “Padge” Paget. “It’s time for us to put out a really angry, heavy, aggressive record. I think this direction is where we really shine. I just can’t wait to grimace on stage!”

Have a listen to the frenetic single ‘Knives’ accompanied by an outstanding video clip below.

Bullet For My Valentine is out November 5, 2021 and you can preorder it here.