Universal Audio Volt: Entry-level audio interfaces from the DSP wizards

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Universal Audio Volt: Entry-level audio interfaces from the DSP wizards

Universal Audio Volt 276 audio interface on desk with music production equipment
Words by Sam McNiece

With top models featuring an 1176 inspired analogue circuit!

Now this is interesting. Universal Audio, who have made a name for themselves with high end audio products have announced a range of very affordable audio interfaces. The Universal Audio Volt range features five audio interfaces that are built for plug and play music recording and production, with the sleek look and best-in-class sound quality that UA products are known for.

What you need to know:

  • Universal Audio have announced an entry-level series of 24-bit/192 kHz USB audio interfaces, Volt.
  • All interfaces feature a Vintage Mic Preamp mode based on UA’s 610 tube console plus the 76 models have a built-in 76 Compressor based on their 1176 hardware unit.
  • The Volt range includes five interfaces ranging from 1-in/2-out to 4-in/4-out and is expected to release late November, 2021.

Read all the latest product news here.

Starting with features that are included in all Volt interfaces, Vintage Mic Preamp engages a mic/line UA 610 tube console emulation available on one or two input lines depending on the model. The interfaces run at 24-bit/192 kHz and can be both DC and USB 2.0 bus powered with 48V phantom power available for use. All interfaces also feature MIDI in and out which is great for an interface of this price range.

Direct monitoring allows for latency-free recording on both headphones and external monitors which can be activated by a push of a button. There’s an instrument/mic switch on XLR inputs to match impedance of the incoming signal plus all models feature LEDs to check headroom.

The three 76 models is where these new interfaces really shine, featuring a built-in analog circuit inspired by their iconic and well loved UA 1176 Limiting Amplifier. There’s three presets on the device, named VOC, GTR and FAST, designed to let you print compression on your inputs, taking some of the guess work out out of tweaking and letting you focus on making music.

All Universal Audio Volt audio interfaces come packaged with a range of software to help you create music including Ableton Live 11 Lite, Marshall Plexi Classic Amplifier, Melodyne Essential and Virtual Drummer DEEP.

All Volt interfaces are available for pre-order now with units expected to ship late November 2021.

Prices on the new interfaces starts at A$219 (US$139) for the Volt 1 with the most expensive unit priced at A$599 (US$369) for the Volt 476.

Head to Universal Audio’s website to find out more about the Volt audio interfaces.