Electro-Harmonix reissues MIG-50 tube amplifier with modern tweaks

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Electro-Harmonix reissues MIG-50 tube amplifier with modern tweaks

Words by Sam McNiece

A faithful reissue of the classic '80s Sovtek amp.

Pedal maker extraordinaries Electro-Harmonix have announced their new MIG-50 tube amplifier to the world. This amp models an ’80s Sovtek amp, which in turn was created to sound like a tweed Fender Bassman.

What you need to know:

  • Electro-Harmonix have reissued their clone of the Sovtek MIG-50.
  • The new iteration is hand assembled in New York City.
  • This amp is a faithful recreation of a Sovtek Mig-50 from the ’80s.

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This amp is made with the classics in mind, remodelled with some new modern additions. The MIG-50 features two inputs, normal and bright, which do exactly what they say. There’s a four band EQ, volume controls and power and standby controls on the front and on the back there’s a bias adjustment for the tubes to tweak your sound even more.

The MIG-50 is powered by two TungSol 5881 tubes, and uses three 12AX7 tube preamps, two TungSol and one Mullard. This thing can go loud, like the amps it’s modelled after and features 4, 8 and 16 ohm speaker outs.

These amplifiers are hand assembled by Electro-Harmonix in their New York City warehouse, ensuring first rate build quality from high quality international components.

Check out this video below to hear some of the tones of the MIG-50.

Check out Electro-Harmonix for more info on this amp and for local enquiries hit up Vibe Music.