Beyerdynamic’s TG Drum Set Pro M range now available in Australia

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Beyerdynamic’s TG Drum Set Pro M range now available in Australia

(Source: Beyerdynamic)
Words by Sam McNiece

Boasting seven mics perfect for getting your kit sounding tight.

Deciding what drum mics to pick can be challenging sometimes. There’s a plethora of options out there and without getting into the nitty gritty, most people just want good sounding mics without having to individually select them. Good news for all you budding engineers out there, Beyerdynamic’s TG Drum Set PRO M is available now in Australia.

What you need to know:

  • The set features seven mics, to cover a standard drum miking uses.
  • Features high quality Beyerdynamic microphones in a portable carry case.
  • The TG Drum Set PRO M is available now within Australia.

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Marketed as a mid-level drum mic set, the TG Drum Set PRO M features seven microphones for direct use with drum kits.

There’s four TD D35 mics which are dynamic microphones perfect for snare and tom applications which include clips for easy attachment to drums. These feature a tuned frequency response perfect for toms and due to them being super cardioid, provide great separation.

Next up there’s a TG D71, a boundary condenser mic which is suitable for kick drums and cajóns which has a whopping 148dB of maximum sound pressure level.

Finally theres a couple TG I53’s for overhead mics to capture the full sound of your kit, especially the cymbals and hats. They have a subtle treble boost and are extremely sensitive, which is great if you want to put your overheads higher above the kit.

This mic set is available now within Australia and participating dealers will throw in a pair of DT770 M headphones to boot.

Check out these drum mics in action below.

For more information on this mic set, check out Beyerdynamic.