Electro-Harmonix debut the Eddy analogue vibrato/chorus pedal

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Electro-Harmonix debut the Eddy analogue vibrato/chorus pedal

Words by Will Brewster

Bucket-brigade modulation with a huge range of controls on offer.

Electro-Harmonix have capped off 2020 with the release of Eddy, a bucket-brigade vibrato and chorus pedal with a fully analogue circuit to tap into its modulated textures.

Utilising a similar bucket-brigade circuit to Electro-Harmonix’s acclaimed Memory Man series, Eddy provides players with a tonne of warm, intricate tones without breaking the bank.

A smattering of Volume, Tone, Rate, Shape and Depth controls allows for extensive tone and LFO shaping, while a toggle for Chorus / Vibrato modes unlocks even further possibilities, while two blue and white LEDs indicate the effect rate and bypass status of the effect.

Eddy also features an input for an expression pedal to alter the rate or depth of the LFO remotely, making it a viable tool for use onstage. There’s even an Envelope knob to adjust the pedal’s response to your picking hand, which could prove to be quite a dynamic tool for expressive players.

Hear the pedal in action below.

Check out the pedal in greater detail via Electro-Harmonix today.