TC Electronic showcase June-60 V2 boasting a more authentic sound

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TC Electronic showcase June-60 V2 boasting a more authentic sound

Words by Sam McNiece

Internal dip switches allow for faithful replication of the Juno 60.

TC Electronic have announced an update to their stompbox recreation of the chorus portion of the classic Roland Juno 60 synthesiser. This particular chorus section is one of the most pleasing and well known sounds, especially during the ’80s when it was heavily used on many classic tracks.

What you need to know:

  • TC Electronic release a new and improved June-60 chorus pedal.
  • Internal switches allow for fast and slow chorus settings and input pad.
  • Third chorus effect setting now available through activating both switches.

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Featuring a reworked circuit, the June-60 V2 looks almost identical to the V1 on the surface bar the ‘V2’ on the faceplate. It’s what’s under the hood that makes this update exciting.

First off, unscrewing the unit reveals two dip switches, used for changing the chorus speed. The slow setting, is an accurate replication of the chorus from the original Juno-60 while the fast setting is from the original pedal.

Also under the hood, is a switch for changing input level between ‘Guitar’ and ‘Keys’ settings. This is basically just a pad that allows keyboards and other input sources to be used with the chorus pedal without clipping and distorting.

Both these additions are cool but it could prove frustrating having to open up the pedal every time you want to swap between a guitar and keyboard or change the chorus speed.

The June-60 V2 allows you to press both yellow buttons, activating a third chorus effect which is a sine wave modulation similar to rotating speaker cabinets. This will prove more useful than just combining both as was on the last iteration.

Mono and Stereo output options are still available on the V2 via TRS using all analogue Bucket Brigade Delay circuits with a True Bypass option.

Take a look at the video below for more on the new June-60 V2 from TC Electronic.

For more information, check out TC Electronic and for local enquiries, get in touch with Australis Music.