Amber Technology to distribute Nura products Australia wide

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Amber Technology to distribute Nura products Australia wide

Words by Sam McNiece

Creators of the nuraphone will be distributed to Amber Technology's dealer network.

Nura made waves in 2017 when they released the nuraphone, featuring their unique technology allowing for personalised sound based on a users ears specific frequency response. Today, they have announced a collaboration with Amber Technology, appointing them as the Australian distributor of their products.

What you need to know:

  • Amber Technology has been appointed as the Australian distributor of the Nura range of products.
  • Nura’s patented technology measures the user’s hearing and delivers a personalised sound, all within the headphone.
  • The collaboration will see Nura products available in a larger range of in person and online stores.

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“Nura is an interesting addition to the brands we represent in Australia and fits well across our broad portfolio of consumer electronics and professional audio products. We are excited to see what opportunities we can develop working together with the Nura team” says Amber Technology managing director Peter Amos.

Designed by a team of engineers, acoustics engineers, biologiosts and audiologists, the Nura team redesigned headphones to deliver a personalised listening experience for every user. Through its four current offerings (nuraphone, nuratrue, nuraloop and nurabuds), Nura has a complete range of quality over-ear, true wireless and in-ear headphones.

In 2019, Nura co-founder Dr Luke Campbell, received The Prime Minister’s Prize for Science for developing the nuraphone and its associated technology.

Nura, who had one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns ever will now be available through Amber Technology’s distribution network.

Head to Amber Technology for local Nura enquires.