Cole Clark Guitars celebrate twenty years as Australian guitar manufacturers

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Cole Clark Guitars celebrate twenty years as Australian guitar manufacturers

Words by Sam McNiece

Congratulations to the innovative Cole Clark.

Cole Clark Guitars, one of Australia’s best guitar manufacturers has just celebrated 20 years in the game. Their guitars are used by thousands across the globe and they have created one of the best sounding acoustic pickups available.

What you need to know:

  • Cole Clark, guitar manufacturers with emphasis on sustainability and quality acoustic design have celebrated their 20th anniversary.
  • In their twenty years, they have furthered acoustic guitar design including inventing pickup technology that sounds extremely natural.
  • Formed in 2001, Cole Clark will produce their 50,000th guitar this month (September 2021).

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Cole Clark started in 2001 with a mission to produce a lighter, stronger, sustainable and unique sounding acoustic guitar with a natural sounding pickup. Which is something they’ve definitely achieved.

Taking a look at their track record on sustainability, since 2015 Cole Clark stopped using Rosewood and Ebony fingerboards, utilising locally sourced alternatives instead. This change along with the use of other indigenous Australian timbers equates to Cole Clark using 98% non-endangered timber with 40% of that comes from urban recovery projects.

Alongside this, they’ve advanced the acoustic pickup game leaps and bounds through their three-way piezo/face sensor/condenser mic combo. This unique offering adds extremely authentic sounding acoustic sounds to your standard 1/4″ jack.

In recent times, the dual output Humbucker models are the perfect combination between electric and acoustic palettes allowing for smooth blending of tone, lending itself to more modern tones and guitar players.

If you’d like to read more about Cole Clark Guitars, we recently interviewed CEO Miles Jackson talking tonewoods and pickups and you can check out a video detailing their story below.

Head to Cole Clark Guitars to view their range of guitars.