NURATRUE wireless earbuds personalise to your ears through self-learning engine

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NURATRUE wireless earbuds personalise to your ears through self-learning engine

Nuratrue earbuds
Words by Sam McNiece

Featuring 24 hours of listening time with case.

Nura, who broke through with their Nuraphone headphones a few years back has returned with a wireless earbud offering, Nuratrue. The earbuds utilise their patented audio technology, which adjusts the sound profile of the outputted audio to your eardrums unique hearing capabilities.

What you need to know:

  • Nura, innovators in personal audio consumption devices have introduced Nuratrue wireless earbuds.
  • Nuratrue has all the features you’d expect from a Nura product like personalised sound and active noise cancellation except enclosed in an ear bud device.
  • The earbuds offer up to 24 hours of usage with fast charging case.

This offering, the Nuratrue, uses Bluetooth 5.9 to connect to all your devices, and comes with a charging case capable of a full day (24hrs) of listening time. There’s active noise cancelling, which can be triggered with their customisable gestures on the earbuds and of course the famous personalised sound.

Otoacoustic emissions, otherwise known as OAEs are measured with this device using sensitive microphones, reading the results, and then adjusting the sound profile based on each persons unique hearing capabilities. The technology seems to have won approval from engineers, artists and casual listeners alike.

The buds come packaged with four ear tip, two wing and two foam tip options for making the speakers fit all different ear canal sizes. If you like working out with personally tailored sound, these have an IPX4 rating, which makes them sweat-resistant for all your exercise needs.

Earth shattering bass may be something you strive for in a set of earbuds, and with these you can adjust it through the ‘Immersive Bass’ feature. There’s a slider in the Nura app which lets you select how much thump you’d like to hear.

Check out this video below for an introduction to the new product.

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