Reviewed: Ernie Ball Expression Ambient Delay

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Reviewed: Ernie Ball Expression Ambient Delay

Effect: Delay

Expect to Pay:  $479

Distributor: CMC Music




Rock, blues and funk players.



The Ambient Delay is incredibly versatile and offers a useful, real world set of colours. The delay time and feedback rate offer everything from tape-style slapback to long, digital tails that are reminiscent of the MXR Carbon Copy without the low end roll off. This works well enough on its own, but take the time to dial in some lush, almost dusty reverb and you’ll find yourself adrift in a sea of warm textures.



The Expression Series seeks to do the job of two or three pedals at a time with an eye on spatial economy, which is increasingly at a premium for a lot of players. Herein lies the crowning glory of the design. While they might not lay every possible option at your feet, they are doing enough heavy lifting to earn their place on the board.



The metallic chassis of the pedal is very impressive and sturdy. The reduced size compared to Ernie Ball’s regular volume pedals is also a welcome addition, ensuring the pedal doesn’t take up a lot of real estate on your board.



Smooth, unbridled sweeping, clever application of a clever idea, all housed in a snazzy looking casing.