Reviewed: Positive Grid BIAS Modulation Twin

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Reviewed: Positive Grid BIAS Modulation Twin


Effect: Modulation

Expect To Pay: $399

Distributor: Link Audio


Recommended For:

Players who want a one-stop shop when it comes to modulation.



It doesn’t get more versatile than this. The BIAS Modulation Twin has everything you could possibly need for vibrant and dreamy effects – chorus, vibrato, tremolo, ring modulation and much more.  With nine factory presets, you have a plethora of effects to play with out of the gate. I was particularly blown away by the ring modulation and rotary presets.



It’s almost stupid how easy they’ve made it to tweak sounds on the BIAS Modulation Twin. Aside from the preset control, you also have controls for depth, intensity, rate, tweak and a three-way toggle for LFO waveforms. All of that, coupled with the ability to edit your patches with the Bias Pedal app means you literally have endless options when it comes to building effects.



Weighing in at just under a kilogram, the pedal has a bit of weight to it. The benefit of this is that it feels incredibly tough, which is exactly what you want.



Why would you spend thousands of dollars on independent chorus, trem, vibrato, ring modulation and rotary pedals when you can have them all in one for a fraction of the price? Talk about bang for your buck.