Reviewed: Ampeg Liquifier Chorus

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Reviewed: Ampeg Liquifier Chorus


Effect: Chorus

Expect To Pay: $209

Distributor: Amber Technology



Recommended for:

Players looking for an affordable gigging analogue chorus, matching anything from dream-pop to grunge.



Ampeg’s Liquifier analogue chorus pedal is a worthy new iteration in the chorus effect canon, albeit simple, offering a unique dual chorus by way of a clean signal through two modulated signals, instead of the typical one. The neat dual chorus produces a stunning array of tones few other options offer. You’d have to scour the market to find another chorus with true through zero phase cancellation. Although designed primarily for bass guitar, its lush trim of the low end makes this just as applicable to guitar or even synthesisers.



The pedal is fit with a typical three dial setup for rate, depth, and effect, providing an uncomplicated channel to a cosmic variety of malleable timbres. The caveat is their fiddly sensitivity, making it hard to return to tones you stumble upon. Classic chorus tones can be found balancing the dials, but it’s also worth eliciting the wacky reverberations caused by rate and depth manipulation.



The Liquifier is a sleek and highly compact operation, packing its circuitry into a high gloss purple die cast metal enclosure measuring 66mm x 114mm and weighing 0.27kg, ensuring it won’t crowd your board.



The Liquifier is enviably affordable for the range of tones spiralling out of the unique dual chorus and is highly suited for live settings, but beware of considerable hiss for studio use.