Reviewed: Meris Ottobit Jr

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Reviewed: Meris Ottobit Jr


Effect: Bit Crusher

Expect to Pay: $475

Distributor: Studio Connections



Recommended for:

Players who want their guitar to sound like a video game arcade.



With so many brands in the current market striving for higher sample rates and crystal clean effects, it seems that Meris are taking it in the opposite direction and trying to reduce sample rates down to almost nothing.



The different knobs give you a heap of control on the level of crushing/decimation to your signal. From more subtle effects through to absolute bit crushing chaos, the Ottobit Jr is a ridiculously fun pedal for emulating the sounds of your favourite Atari games.



The glossy black chassis with an ever so subtle flake makes for a tasteful looking pedal. Coupled with extremely well built parts and a not so overbearing size, the pedal is a welcome addition to your board without taking up too much space.



Look, it’s not the kind of pedal that is applicable for everything, and it’s certainly not for every player. That said, the Ottobit Jr is well crafted and bucketloads of fun.