Ubisoft announce Rocksmith+: a subscription edition for their guitar practise video game

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Ubisoft announce Rocksmith+: a subscription edition for their guitar practise video game

(Source: Ubisoft)
Words by Sam McNiece

Featuring real time feedback and an expanding library of songs.

E3 is the games industry version of NAMM, often on a larger scale with flashy production pieces. This year, Ubisoft announced a revamped version of their music training/video game software Rocksmith with a new interface, ability to use acoustic guitars without jacks and a new pricing model.

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Rocksmith was the answer to Guitar Hero in 2011, letting you plug a guitar into your games console and follow tabs to thousands of songs in the style of a game. The aim was to teach people how to play guitar and bass in the framework of a video game, with percentages and instant feedback as to how you performed.

Ten years later, they have relaunched this as Rocksmith+, a subscription service based on the original game, which will continue to add songs to the service as time goes on.

A new feature for this edition is the launch of the Rocksmith+ Connect mobile app. Using your iOS or Android device’s microphone, this app can connect to the Rocksmith+ service and detect what notes you’re playing. This means you can play through your acoustic guitar that doesn’t have a jack output or plug your electric guitar into an amp to hear it roar.

Rocksmith+ provides realtime feedback, analysing your performance, suggesting exercises to practise and can present songs you might like based on the songs you’ve played previously.

Currently, it is in beta for PC and hasn’t received a release date or pricing information.

Take a look at the trailer for the service below.

For more info, check out Ubisoft’s website.