BOSS unveil Waza Craft Heavy Metal (HM-2W) pedal

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BOSS unveil Waza Craft Heavy Metal (HM-2W) pedal

(Source: BOSS)
Words by Sam McNiece

A remake of their Heavy Metal pedal from the '80s.

BOSS are a legendary pedal manufacturer. Over the years they’ve produced hundreds of pedals used and loved by guitarists worldwide. One pedal that hasn’t been produced since 1991, the HM-2, is getting the Waza Craft treatment.

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Waza Craft is a line of pedals from BOSS that recreate classic pedals in their history. Each circuit is redesigned by the original developers, often requiring a complete overhaul of the circuit in efforts to better the quality of the reissues.

After years of requests for a remake of the Heavy Metal pedal, BOSS answered with the special edition HM-2W. Boasting the “authentic analog sound of the original with modern refinements for enhanced performance”, Swedish Death Metal players can rejoice as their prayers are answered.

For the uninitiated, the HM-2 came out in 1983 and fast became a hit when used with all the knobs set to max. It was one of the first “amp in a box” pedals replicating the sound of ’80s British stack amplifiers used commonly by, you guessed it, heavy metal players.

The HM-2W features two modes accessible via a flick switch on the bottom of the unit. Standard mode gives you the tone and response of the original HM-2, with a reduced noise floor and 3dB of extra max level. Custom mode adds gain to the drive stage and includes more of the fundamental guitar sound, allowing extra attack and sharpness.

Capable of that “chainsaw” sound and more subtle distortion, the HM-2W is a must for metal players.

Check out Solar Guitar’s Ola Engund run through this pedal below.

For more info, check out the BOSS website.