Softube’s Tape Echoes is a dirty three tap echo machine

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Softube’s Tape Echoes is a dirty three tap echo machine

(Source: Softube)
Words by Sam McNiece

Which lets you dial in how much dirt you want.

Softube is a legendary audio company. With official ports of Marshall, SSL, Buchla and Weiss hardware into plugin format, they’re one of the best to do it. They go further than most with component-level modelling in their pursuit of accurate replication of famous gear.

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In comes the Tape Echoes plugin, which does exactly what it says. An echo plugin that is modelled off traditional tape machine delays.

It features standard delay parameters including Delay Time, Feedback, Dry/Wet and Drive but adds Dirt, Reverb and selectable Delay Taps. These added features are what gives this plugin it’s charm, enabling software users to obtain a level of grit and distortion most plugins shy away from.

The Drive and Dirt parameters take up the most real estate on the vintage style GUI as to bring attention to these features. They are certainly the centrepieces in which Drive offers preamp and tape distortion while Dirt affects tape speed, wobble, flutter, dropouts and frequency response.

There’s also a Just Dirt button which provides all this grit and instability without engaging the delay taps. Think of this as a lo-fi tape machine plugin.

Tape Echoes built in reverb is a spring reverb which can be placed both before and after the delay effect. Three delay taps are available to activate, and when combined with the reverb, provides different rhythmic/feedback results.

Check out this video below to see it in action.

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