TC Electronic take on the Klon with new Zeus Drive pedal

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TC Electronic take on the Klon with new Zeus Drive pedal

Words by Will Brewster

Limited to only 2000 units worldwide.

After putting a twist on ProCo’s RAT for their recent Magus Pro distortion, TC Electronic have taken on another titanic name in the pedal world for the new Zeus Drive.

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Taking sonic and visual design cues from the legendary Klon Centaur, the Zeus Drive squeezes a number of germanium diodes into its compact circuit to offer players with a tried-and-true transparent drive tone.

A dual concentric Drive control allows you to blend your overdrive and clean tone and adds increased clipping, while Treble and Volume knobs allow for simple and intuitive tone-shaping.

The Zeus Drive also features the addition of a Fat switch – similar to that found on the Magus Pro – which scoops the low end of the pedal to provide a little extra juice.

Interestingly enough, the pedal also incorporates internal dip switches to let you toggle between true-bypass and buffered-bypass, letting you adjust the signal flow to your own tastes.

Other features include a stepped up internal voltage and a tidy yellow enclosure, ensuring the Zeus will squeeze into any gap you may have on your pedalboard.

Hear how it sounds in action below. TC Electronic claim that these pedals will only be available in a limited batch of 2000 units, so if you want in, act quick – a Klon clone at this price is unlikely to hang around for kick-ons.

Head to TC Electronic to find out more. For local enquiries, get in touch with Australis Music.