SSL release the UC1 Plug-In Controller

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SSL release the UC1 Plug-In Controller

SSL UC1 Plug-In Controller
Words by Sam McNiece

Featuring classic SSL Design.

Solid State Logic continues their growth in the hardware plug-in controller market with the announcement of the UC1. 

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Designed to control their brand new SSL Native Channel Strip 2 and Bus Compressor 2 plugins which are packaged free, this knob-per-function device emulates classic SSL workflow and design.

The UC1 has classic SSL channel EQ, dynamics and bus compression controls readily accessible in addition to channel, routing and preset selection. Bus compression features a neat analogue tip with an authentic moving-coil gain reduction meter for an authentic feel.

UC1 SSL from side view

According to SSL this section of the controller ‘represents the Bus Compressor’s time constants and gain reduction characteristics perfectly for producers and engineers to know exactly how it’s reacting with their instruments, sub groups and of course mix bus.’

Utilising SSL 360°’s Plug-in Mixer with the UC1 lets you view your entire mix on screen and interact with most features without using a mouse and keyboard. The visual feedback surrounding the endless encoders and hi-res LCD screen gives a clear insight into how you’re affecting the audio signal and where.

Channel Strip 2 has been digitally modelled from the renowned XL 9000K SSL console and has been updated to prevent phase and amplitude wrapping. In addition to this, SSL is boasting that it’s ‘full of punch’ and ‘free of distortion’.

Workflow has been put front and centre in regards to product design as you work top to bottom, left to right mimicking SSL’s emphasis on ergonomics. For engineers familiar with their legacy gear, integration will be simple and for newcomers everything is clearly labeled and reacts like you’d expect.

Featuring DAW integration on all the major players and sleek expandability with their recently released UF8, software integration with your controllers never looked so good.

For more information check out SSL’s website.