TC Electronic channel the legendary RAT for their new Magus Pro pedal

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TC Electronic channel the legendary RAT for their new Magus Pro pedal

Words by Will Brewster

Big '80s distortion on a budget.

Hot on the heels of the launch of their mini Skysurfer reverb pedal, TC Electronic have unveiled another new stompbox in the form of the Pro Magus, a versatile distortion pedal designed in the vein of the infamous ProCo RAT.

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Boasting a trio of knobs to control Volume, Gain and Filter (a high-pass filter similar to that of the RAT) parameters, the Pro Magus makes use of an all-analogue, slow slew circuit to emulate the characteristics of the revered LM308 op-amp.

This signal path helps to tame gnarly harmonic overtones for a smoother sounding breakup, ensuring that the Pro Magus retains tonal integrity and maintains clarity within your chain.

The pedal also makes use of a three-way mini toggle switch beneath the Volume knob, which can be used to flick between different clipping modes: FAT, Classic and Turbo.

FAT mode helps to boost the low-end output of the Pro Magus and define the low-midrange, making for a tone that’s best suited for soaring ’80s-style rhythms and leads, while cranking the Gain up will create a thick, fuzzy sound adjacent to classic ’70s rock tones.

Meanwhile, Turbo mode engages two different LED clipping diodes to inject more bite and output volume into your signal, minimising sag for a searing overdriven tone suitable for modern styles.

Elsewhere, the pedal is powered by a typical 9v DC power supply, and features top-mounted jacks to ensure it squeezes easily onto your own board.

Check out the Pro Magus in greater detail over at TC Electronic. For local enquiries, contact Australis Music.