Spotify to launch a Hi-Fi audio streaming option this year

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Spotify to launch a Hi-Fi audio streaming option this year

Words by Will Brewster

The streaming service announced the changes in a video with Billie Eilish and Finneas today.

Spotify has announced that a new subscription-based Hi-Fi streaming service will be offered to their customers this year, giving listeners access to lossless audio via the platform.


  • Spotify HiFi will be launched later this year and made available to Spotify Premium subscribers in select territories.
  • The product will see Spotify match other Hi-Fi streaming options offered by TIDAL, Amazon Music and Deezer.
  • Billie Eilish and Finneas announced the new service as part of Spotify’s Stream On live-stream event today.

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Spotify HiFi

Launched alongside a video that sees Billie Eilish and Finneas chat about their experiences with hi-fi audio, Spotify HiFi will provide listeners with CD-quality, lossless audio streams when it launches in select territories later this year.

Supposedly, high-quality audio streaming has been ‘consistently one of the most requested new features’ from users, with Spotify also hinting that the service would be integrated with their Spotify Connect speaker networking product.

Spotify HiFi will take the popular – yet critically maligned – service into the same leagues as TIDAL and Deezer, who each provide subscribers with lossless audio streams at 44.1 kHz / 16 bit. The Swedish streaming giants currently provide AAC format audio streaming that ranges from 24kbps – 320kbps, depending on the strength of the listener’s internet connection.

‘High quality audio just means more info’, Billie Eilish said of Spotify HiFi in a launch video premiered at the brand’s Stream On event today.

‘There are things you will not hear if you don’t have a good sound system. It’s really important just because we make music that we want to be heard in the way it was made.’

As of yet, Spotify has not revealed which territories Spotify HiFi will be rolled out in, as well as if it will come at an additional cost to Premium subscribers.

Watch the full Spotify Stream On event here.