Chase Bliss & Zvex, Way Huge and Walrus Audio launch limited edition pedals to celebrate The Pedal Movie

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Chase Bliss & Zvex, Way Huge and Walrus Audio launch limited edition pedals to celebrate The Pedal Movie

Words by Will Brewster

The exclusive effects are set to go on sale tomorrow.

As part of the lead-up to Reverb’s documentary The Pedal Movie, some of today’s biggest effects manufacturers have unleashed a handful of limited edition pedals to celebrate the launch of the heavily anticipated feature film.


  • Chase Bliss and Zvex have launched another run of their sold-out Bliss Factory pedal.
  • Meanwhile, Walrus Audio are fusing the Warhorn and Ages overdrive into one dual channel unit.
  • Way Huge have also debuted two rehoused editions of the Saucy Box and Swollen Pickle Fuzz with new names.

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The Pedal Movie

The first ever feature film to be released by Reverb, The Pedal Movie seeks to make history by shining a light on the people behind the scenes of today’s booming effects pedal market. The documentary, which launched its official trailer back in November, features the likes of Steve Albini, Robert Keeley, Eddie Kramer and Josh Scott alongside keynote players like My Bloody Valentine’s Kevin Shields and Nels Cline, as well as legendary pedal demonstrator Andy Martin.

To drum up the hype for the upcoming documentary, Reverb have commissioned a number of collaborative units from some of the biggest pedal companies today. Last year, Zvex and Chase Bliss linked up for their Bliss Factory pedal, while Earthquaker Devices and Death By Audio joined forces for their impressive Time Shadows. More recently, Dunlop launched a new handbuilt Fuzz Face, and now, there’s even more limited effects on offer.

Chase Bliss x Zvex Bliss Factory

After last year’s first run swiftly flew off the market – and later landed again with some outrageous prices thanks to greedy resellers – Chase Bliss and Zvex have launched another edition of their collaborative Bliss Factory.

This unit, which combines the tones of Zvex’s Fuzz Factory with a sophisticated set of digital controls and a low-pass filter courtesy of Chase Bliss, is now decked out in an anodised black finish, with the innards of the pedal otherwise being identical to the initial November launch.

Walrus Audio Warhorn / Ages

Next up, Walrus Audio have taken a trip down memory lane to combine their past, present and future on the Warhorn / Ages stompbox. This unit combines one of the company’s oldest overdrive circuits, the gloriously transparent Warhorn, with the five-stage tones of the recently released Ages overdrive.

Players can engage both sides of the Warhorn / Ages simultaneously for roaring lead tones, and there’s also a toggle switch to flip the signal flow of each channel. It’s also deceptively compact, which should appeal to those who’ve already got a number of stomps to deal with on their board.

Way Huge Beer & Effect Pedal

Finally, Way Huge have entered the fray with two limited edition effects of their own: the Beer and Effect Pedal. While these units may look new, in reality, there’s a good chance you’re probably well-acquainted with how they sound: they’re actually rehoused versions of two of Way Huge’s most popular distortion pedals.

Boasting controls for Volume, Drive and Tone, the Way Huge Beer ports the tones of the Saucy Box Overdrive into a brown enclosure, whereas the Effect Pedal presents a sophisticated take on the Way Huge Swollen Pickle Fuzz with its clean aesthetic and new name.

Each of these new pedals goes on sale from Tuesday February 23. Sign up for updates here.

Head to Reverb to find out more.