Seymour Duncan Unveil Studio Bass Compressor

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Seymour Duncan Unveil Studio Bass Compressor

Studio Compressor.jpg

The Studio Bass compressor pedal has the ability to blend in various uncompressed sounds for ultimate dynamic control. The 3 position mini-toggle and blend knob allows for maximum control over tone by allowing you to mix uncompressed tones with your desired effects.


Blend in your unadulterated clean signal, a mid boost that will help you cut through the busiest mixes, or a fat low-end growl. 


The pedal is recommended for punk rock pickers, funk musos who are slap happy and ferocious fingerstyle players alike, and there’s enough power that you can even use it as a clean boost for solos.


This is one pedal that you will always want to leave on to form the heart of your sound. It has something for everyone and there are so many options making it the perfect alchemist for creating the sound you’ve always wanted.


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