Are These The Most Versatile Headphones On The Market?

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Are These The Most Versatile Headphones On The Market?


It’s a new approach to listening, a fully customisable audio unit. ODDIO is a modular headphone system with superior sound quality and the ability to replace or upgrade components as you see fit. 


With the ability to change colours, speakers and magnetically swap out batteries, ODDIO gives you the ultimate listening experience. The geniuses behind the crafty cans have also added active noise-cancelling and bluetooth modules too just to sweaten what is already a pretty special creation.  

ODDIO will debut with precision speakers boasting a wide acoustic range, from deep lows to crisp highs. And since their ear cups are modular, they can roll out speakers with entirely different acoustic qualities in the future – the possibilities are endless.


Check out some of these videos below to see how Oddio works. 



For more details and to help fund the Indiogogo campaign, head here