Feast your eyes on Strymon’s new NightSky Time-Warped Reverberator

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Feast your eyes on Strymon’s new NightSky Time-Warped Reverberator

Described by the company as a ‘reverberant synthesis machine’, the NightSky fuses Strymon’s famous reverb algorithms with a pitch shifter, resonant filter, an LFO and a step sequencer. Using the same blueprint as their coveted Volante tape delay, the Strymon NightSky is certainly one of the company’s most impressive offerings to date, and there’s every chance you’ll never look at another reverb pedal the same way once you hear what it does. 


The NightSky packs three Sparse, Dense and Diffuse reverb modes, letting you access everything from plate reverbs through to swelling ambient drones. These modes all feature adjustable tails, as well as parameters to control size, pitch and quantization thanks to its powerful processor.


There’s also an LFO with six waveforms on offer, as well as controls to adjust depth and speed to create truly woozy synth-style effects by modulating the NightSky’s filter, pitch or reverb sections. On that note, the onboard resonant filter looks and sounds amazing, and takes the NightSky to a whole new level unto itself.


A Shimmer mode is also included with the pedal, with Strymon fleshing out the beloved feature with 2nd, 4th and 5th interval shimmers to create sparkling harmonics. A glimmer mode also emphasizes the upper and lower frequencies of the effect, and there’s also an onboard drive circuit to dirty things up a bit. 


Finally, the NightSky features a Morph footswitch to let you seamlessly transition between two patches, making sure the pedal sounds just as good onstage as it does in the studio. There’s also space for 16 presets and up to 300 via MIDI, making for one hell of an effects pedal. 


Watch the demo in full below – and trust us, you’ll want to. This thing sounds amazing!



 Find out about the NightSky in greater detail over at the Strymon website.