Boss reveal new OC-5 octave pedal & Pocket GT amp modeller

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Boss reveal new OC-5 octave pedal & Pocket GT amp modeller

Based on the brand’s classic OC-2 that was first introduced back in 1982, the OC-5 takes the blueprint of the original unit and up-skills it to suit the needs of the modern guitarist. In addition to featuring the monophonic mode of the original, the OC-5 makes use of a polyphonic mode to track full chords, making for rich harmonic textures and slippery solos alike. 


With controls to blend two octaves down, octave down, octave up and dry tone, the OC-5 seeks to cover a tonne of sonic territory, and can even be toggled to suit bass or guitar frequencies. The pedal’s poly mode even features a low range setting to only emphasise the lowest note in your chord to create a thickened, White Stripes-esque accompaniment – hear it in action below. 



Elsewhere in Boss land, there’s also the new Pocket GT, which crams over 100 amps, effects, educational and tone editing tools into one super compact package. As well as featuring a GT sound engine pulled from their GT Processor series, the Pocket GT features an integrated learning function to let you watch YouTube content via the Boss Tone Studio app and play along to your favourite song. 


The unit also features a rechargeable battery with four hours of run-time, wireless Bluetooth and Aux in capabilities and an inbuilt tuner, while 99 memory presets let you store any amp or effects combinations you might cook up. There’s even a USB audio interface built in to let you record to your favourite DAW, as well as a whole bank of presets available to download from Boss Tone Central – in short, it’s fully stacked. 



Check out both products in greater detail over at the Boss website today.