Warm Audio release the updated WA-87 R2 FET condenser microphone

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Warm Audio release the updated WA-87 R2 FET condenser microphone

Expanding on the blueprint of their 2016 original, Warm Audio state that they’ve uncovered ‘a bunch more’ of experience in the microphone sector in the four years since the original unit was released, and the new WA-87 R2 just acts as proof in the pudding for their developments.


As well as boasting a sturdier, heavier chassis, Warm Audio’s new WA-87 R2 makes use of higher quality circuitry when compared to its predecessor, with the company creating a new rounded basket for the capsule to make for a ‘more pleasing sonic character’. 


Warm Audio have also overhauled many of the WA-87’s components, opting for a NOS Fairchild transistor, high-bandwidth polystyrene and film capacitors as well as an upgraded Cinemag output transformer to improve output level and frequency response. 


Aside from those tweaks, it looks like the WA-87 R2 is relatively similar to that of Neumann’s hailed FET classic – there’s three cardioid, omni and figure 8 polar patterns, as well as a switchable -10db pad for tracking abrassive sources and an 80Hz high pass filter to scoop out any rumble when recording. 


The WA-87 R2 is available in both silver and black finishes, and includes a wooden box with a shock mount and hard mount. 



Warm Audio are distributed in Australia through Studio Connections.