Eventide, MXR + more: our top five gear releases of the week

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Eventide, MXR + more: our top five gear releases of the week

1. Eventide Black Hole Reverb

Despite being released back in 1994, the Eventide DSP4000 Ultra-Harmoniser is still regarded as one of the most revered rack units of all time, yet there’s one algorithm that’s a little more famous than the rest: the beautiful Blackhole Reverb. Now, Eventide have released this algorithm inside its own dedicated stompbox, making for the perfect pedal for spaced-out reverb fanatics. 


With two unique modes, room for five presets and up to 127 via MIDI, the Eventide Blackhole Reverb is cataclysmic in every sense of the word. Users can utilise Infinite mode to layer effects atop of a suspended reverb, while the other Freeze mode will latch the effect to allow you to perform over the reverb tail. There’s also Lo, Hi and Feedback controls to tweak the pedal’s resonance, while a Catchup Mode lets you switch up tones while toggling between presets to offer just that little bit extra. Hear it in action below – it sounds pretty mighty!



2. MXR FOD Drive 

The latest stompbox from MXR lets you fuse two powerful ‘amp stack’ circuits into one massive overdriven tone, delivering a killer option for high-octane shredding and slick riffs alike. Modelled on two legendary amplifiers – one featuring a scooped high-gain tone, the other boasting a punchy midrange sweet spot – the FOD drive offers players with independent gain and volume controls for each of the pedal’s circuits, aiming to recreate the unparalleled experience of playing through two amp stacks simultaneously. 


Elsewhere, a tone knob lets you shape the overall EQ of the FOD, while a scoop switch lets you toggle between flat, scooped or boosted midrange voicings. It seems like quite a tantalising unit for those playing heavier guitar styles, and it’ll be interesting seeing how players respond to it when the FOD arrives in stores soon. 



3. Dunlop Limited Edition Tom Morello Cry Baby Wah-Wah

Everyone’s favourite anti-capitalist guitarist Tom Morello has launched yet another piece of signature gear this year, debuting a new limited edition Cry Baby wah-wah courtesy of the folks at Dunlop. Wrapped in a custom red enclosure emblazoned with radical quotes chosen by Morello himself, the wah-wah is based on the specs of the Cry Baby GCB95, which has been Morello’s first choice for every record and tour he’s ever worked on. 


Other than the red finish and a red star on the rubber treadle of the wah, there’s not much that separates the limited edition Morello Cry Baby from a regular GCB95 – however, if you’re a mega fan of Rage Against The Machine or Audioslave, it should be a pivotal item to add to the pool room. Keep your eyes peeled for these bad boys around the trap soon. 



4. Dean Guitars Edge Pro Select 

Dean have debuted a new range of basses that seek to combine pristine aesthetics with a price that’s simply just too good to be true. Available in four, five and six-string configurations, the Edge Pro Select basses boast swamp ash bodies with walnut or burled poplar tops and sides, and come finished in natural satin for a cruisy feel and tone. 


Elsewhere, the Edge Pro Select range gives players the option between two Dean Magnetic Technologies designed passive soapbar pickups for the walnut models, while the burled poplar top models boast Fishman Fluence PRF BS pickups with voice splitting modes. It continues the recent trend of Dean opting for high-end appointments, and here at Mixdown, we’re very into it. 



5. M-Audio Keystation 88 Mk3

Delivering the entire range of notes in a package that’s abundant in functionality, the M-Audio Keystation 88 Mk3 is yet another viable solution for the studio bound pianist to lay down killer keys tracks with their favourite library of VSTs. With 88 semi-weighted keys, pitch and modulation controls and a MIDI output port, the Keystation 88 Mk3 is a deceptively slim controller that should easily squeeze onto your desk, and comes bundled with a heap of sweet software and plug-ins. Check it out in stores soon. 



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