Audio-Technica unleash affordable dynamic microphone AT2040 for podcasting

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Audio-Technica unleash affordable dynamic microphone AT2040 for podcasting

(Source: Audio-Technica)
Words by Sam McNiece

A microphone for all the content creators out there.

Built from the knowledge of their extensive microphone range, Audio-Technica have shown off their new microphone dedicated to podcasting and the human voice. The AT2040 boasts professional-quality broadcast sound in an affordable package.

What you need to know:

  • Audio-Technica have announced a new microphone, the AT2040.
  • It’s designed for podcasting use, which means it can also be used for voice-over work and content creation.
  • The hypercardioid, dynamic microphone features an internal shock mount and pop filter for optimal performance.

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With already a couple of USB microphones behind them, Audio-Technica return to the fold with a dynamic microphone for the content creators out there.

The AT2040, is hearty microphone, utilising a hypercardioid polar pattern to achieve vocal isolation and capture what you’re pointing it at. There’s a multistage foam mesh windscreen which will help mitigate some of those nasty pops which often occur when speaking close to the microphone.

Shock mounts, which are typically sold separately, are integrated into the actual microphone design, which mitigates the noise transferred through the microphone stand like footsteps or table rattle.

The large diaphragm dynamic microphone, which was popularised by the Electro-Voice RE20, has found its way into more affordable microphones such as this, offering that classic vocal delivery you’d expect. As it’s dynamic, the need for phantom power is removed, allowing more users to interact with the AT2040 without purchasing more gear.

With a frequency response of 80Hz to 16kHz, this microphone can pick up the frequencies that make your voice sound human. The area above 16kHz provides a bit of air to audio recordings, but the truth is most humans can’t hear in this range anymore.

The AT2040 microphone comes packaged with a pivoting stand mount, threaded adapter and a soft protective pouch.

Check out his video detailing all the features below.

Head to Audio-Technica for more information and hit up Technical Audio Group.