Melbourne’s Nura Heaphones Raises $1.2 Million On Kickstarter

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Melbourne’s Nura Heaphones Raises $1.2 Million On Kickstarter


A “game-changer” in the music industry, the local creative had raised over $360,000 within two days of launching on Kickstarter. The campaign now has attained around $1.2 million from more than 4,200 backers in less than three weeks. With an original goal of $100,000, it’s clear that Nura have hit this one out of the park.



The on ear headphones allow users to optimise their listening experience to their individual needs. Sporting an added bonus of in-ear buds, they are an all-new type of music technology. After placing the headset on, it plays a series of tones to you and your eardrums natural reverberations are recorded, analysed and used to create your own “hearing fingerprint”. In addition, the heaphones will now be available with Wireless (Bluetooth) and analogue (3.5mm) connectivity.



Nura has now taken the lead in Aussie Kickstarter campaigns, taking over “Oi” – The bike bell that doesn’t look like a bike bell”. Nura’s co-founder, Kyle Slater, told “Music lovers that have listened to albums for 30 years [try them] and say, they didn’t know that instrument was in that track.”


“We all hear very differently. We look differently, see differently, our fingerprints are different, our ears are no exception. At the moment headphones don’t really know anything about who they’re connected to and don’t adapt the sound or match it to the specific needs of the person.”


“Our first and most important step as a company is to deliver an incredible product to the very first backers of the Kickstarter. We’re absolutely committed to doing that.”


The first delivery of the product is due out April 2017. To keep tabs on Nura’s progress, click here