Mimic Creative Sampler offers multiple workflows and releases for Reason+

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Mimic Creative Sampler offers multiple workflows and releases for Reason+

Words by Sam McNiece

With interesting ways to play and mangle your samples.

Reason 12 was announced a few months ago and has been in testing since then. Reason Studios have also launched the Reason+ subscription which promises all future upgrades will be free of charge, with one of them being the new Mimic Creative Sampler which has just dropped.

What you need to know:

  • Reason have released Mimic Creative Sampling software for Reason 12 as a part of their Reason+ subscription package.
  • The sampler has four modes which allows for old school sampling workflows or multi-pitch new age ones.
  • The Mimic Creative Sampler is free with Reason+ and will be sold individually come September.

Read all the latest product news here.

Featuring four sample playback modes, Pitch, Slice, Multi Slot and Multi Pitch, Mimic is a powerful beast. Each of these settings will alter how your sound is played back, with Pitch changing transposition based on what note is being played, Slice functioning like how you’d operate an MPC and pairs nicely with the automatic transient detection.

Multi Slot makes this function more like an 8 channel drum rack, where Multi Pitch allows you to create multi-sampled instruments which allows for smoother broad range sounds.

The dense front panel has all the features you’d expect and then some, including one knob compression, amp and filter envelope, an LFO and effects to add some grit and unclean elements to your samples.

There’s functions for everyone here, and it’s hard to imagine this not being included in your music producing setup if you’re a Reason based creator.

Overall, the Mimic functions pretty similarly to Ableton’s Sampler, albeit on a larger interface with all the parameters at an easy glance. This is fantastic news for Reason users, and levels up the DAW in comparison to its competition.

Check out this video below detailing how Mimic works and the different workflows within.

Check out the Mimic Creative Sampler through Reason.