Aimi introduces premium version of AI driven endless tailored music streaming service

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Aimi introduces premium version of AI driven endless tailored music streaming service

Words by Sam McNiece

Tailored music experiences include the likes of Shanti Celeste and Ian Pooley.

Aimi have announced a new update to their unique music listening experience, Aimi+, which adds loops and stems from popular artists that will morph to your choices and in turn be personalised to your music tastes.

What you need to know:

  • Aimi is an app that turns producer’s stems into continuous mixes, tailored to the users preferences.
  • Newly announced Aimi+ will tailor a specific artists sound to your taste including Shanti Celeste, Roska and Fred P.
  • The free version is still available and offers six moods for you to shape based on your taste.

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“When an artist hears their music being rearranged in real time by Aimi, it never fails to put a smile on their face. The artists collaborating with Aimi are doing so because they love the results but also because Aimi totally respects their aesthetic and musical DNA.” says Aimi Head of A&R Will Saul whose resume includes curating the incredible DJ Kicks mix series.

Aimi is an integration of art and AI, allowing for musicians work to be re-arranged and re-contextualised to better suit the users tastes. There’s a thumbs up and down button along with shuffle, which is used to morph the sound.

Don’t like the kick drum? hit thumbs down. Love the bass line? Hit thumbs up. Over time, the algorithm will shape to your tastes and hitting the shuffle button will produce a new composition that seamlessly mixes out from what you were just listening to. Neat.

Within Aimi+, artists music that will change based on your choices, currently includes Black Loops, Catz ‘n Dogz, Cosmin TRG, East End Dubs, Fred P, Hammer, Hodge, Ian Pooley, Jimpster, Marco Passarani, Mark Hawkins, Peverelist, Roska, Sei A and Shanti Celeste.

The app is currently in an invite-only phase for the Aimi+ experience, but you can test out the regular version right now and select one of six moods to get you started – Serenity, Flow, Chill, Lounge, Deep and Push.


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