Ernie Ball Music Man unveil DarkRay 4 string bass guitar

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Ernie Ball Music Man unveil DarkRay 4 string bass guitar

(Source: Ernie Ball)
Words by Sam McNiece

Designed in collaboration with bass accessory manufacturer Darkglass Electronics.

Legendary music brand Ernie Ball has unveiled their DarkRay bass to the world. From their Music Man arm, the DarkRay has a few unique features that sets it apart from the crowd. Working with Darkglass Electronics, they have unlocked a new range of sonic capabilities from this bass.

What you need to know:

  • Music Man, Ernie Ball’s instrument department has released a new Stingray Special style bass guitar.
  • The DarkRay features a 2-band EQ and preamp with three selectable modes, designed by Darkglass Electronics.
  • The bass comes in two finishes, Granite Stone and Obsidian Black.

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Ernie Ball are no strangers to electronic innovation in the instrument world. Their Music Man Stingray basses lead the way, introducing Humbucking pickups and active pre-amps in the ’70s.

Music Man’s DarkRay follows in the footsteps of their Stingray Special model with a neodymium Humbucking pickup, roasted maple neck, 22 stainless steel frets and the iconic 3+1 headstock.

This release features three switchable pickup modes, Clean, Alpha (distortion) and Omega (Fuzz). These circuits are mixable through gain and blend knobs to find your exact sound.

A pronounced LED ring surrounds one of the knobs so you know which mode you’re on without having to test and in more tweaking options, there’s a 2 band active EQ with Bass and Treble controls.

This pickup is designed by Darkglass Electronics which are a Helsinki based handmade bass guitar equipment company.

DarkRay comes in two finishes, Obsidian Black which is available through authorised dealers and Granite Stone, which is limited to only 100 basses worldwide. These limited edition DarkRay’s come with a numbered backplate, matching headstock and are only available through the Music Man website.

As you would expect, the Music Man DarkRay comes shipped with Ernie Ball Super Slinky Bass strings, for that classic sound.

Check out the Obsidian Black version in action below.

For more, have a look on Music Man and for local enquiries hit up CMC Music.