Circuit Rhythm is Novation’s new standalone music sampling machine

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Circuit Rhythm is Novation’s new standalone music sampling machine

(Source: Novation)
Words by Sam McNiece

With a functional layout and features galore.

Novation made waves when they released the Circuit Tracks in early 2021. The sleek design and pad based workflow is a winner with people who want to make music right now, no complex menus or extensive setups. Following in these footsteps, Novation have unveiled the Circuit Rhythm, designed to be used by itself or in tandem with the Circuit Tracks as the centre of your production arsenal.

What you need to know:

  • Circuit Rhythm is a standalone 8 track, sample-based electronic music workstation.
  • It is battery powered and features live sampling capabilities.
  • There is no screen or menu diving as everything is laid out over the pads and buttons.

Read all the latest product news here.

It almost looks like a DAW controller at first glance, but it’s actually a standalone, battery powered rhythm machine with a tonne of easy to use features.

With the Circuit Rhythm, recording samples to hardware is easy. Its pad based workflow is fast and flexible while noticeably missing a screen which has become commonplace on hardware samplers.

Circuit Rhythm has 10 knobs along the top which in most circumstances adjust the same parameters (volume, tune, filters and distortion to name a few), while the pads take on the beat input and sequencing.

There’s a bunch of easy to implement effects on the sampler including lo-fi tape, beat repeat, delay, reverb and sidechain available on every channel along with a master compressor.

You can change up your beats in other ways too, like utilising the probability and pattern mutate features.

Connectivity wise, there’s MIDI in, out and thru for connecting to hardware synths and the like, two inputs for sampling, two 1/4″ outputs and a headphone jack for making music late at night and on the go.

There’s a MicroSD for saving samples and projects to and can connect to both Mac and Windows via USB-C to utilise their Novation Components software. This software allows you to load and backup packs, samples, projects and grid FX.

Check out the intro to the Circuit Rhythm below.

For more, check out Novation and for local enquiries hit up Innovative Music.