API unveil limited edition API Select hardware audio processors

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API unveil limited edition API Select hardware audio processors

Words by Sam McNiece

Classic hardware brand size up on new Select range.

API (Automated Processes Inc.), whom are a mainstay in hardware audio processing, have broken the mould with the brand new API Select range. Their classic Lunchbox processing units are famous for being easily transportable for audio engineers on the go, but have gone the other direction with this new line, utilising larger profile units and a couple stompboxes.

What you need to know:

  • Legendary audio brand API have released a new range of pro audio mic pre’s, equalisers and compressors.
  • Of the range, there’s also two stompbox pedals, one for EQ and one for compression.
  • The range, which is shipping now, breaks out of their slimline design in favour of larger units.

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“Over the years, we’ve acquired the technology and experience to engineer and produce audio products that don’t necessarily conform to API’s classic component structure or topography,” explained API President Larry Droppa. “API Select gives us the opportunity to offer gear that’s very high quality, but that’s different from API’s legendary line of classic products.”

Designed and built in their US based factory, this new range of API Select products is made for standard rack units as apposed to their smaller form factor equipment. The new range comes with API’s five year warranty which is fantastic to know you’re getting looked after. Let’s take a look at the range in detail.

API Select T12 Tube Mic Preamp

API Select T12 Tube Mic Preamp

This all tube Class-A mic pre utilises API transformers in conjunction with a pair of dual-triode vacuum tubes. API Select T12 features a high-pass filter, impedance selection, 11-step input gain and output trim plus phantom power, a -20dB pad and a MIC/HI-Z switch. The two channel preamp is capable of handling stereo uses and different input impedance. All controls have detented points which allow for easy matching between the two inputs. There’s classic VU meters for monitoring your output levels and can be connected via XLR and 1/4″.

API Select T25 Tube Compressor

Utilising a FET gain reduction circuit, the API Select T25 is a 2-channel compressor/limiter with independent controls for each. Being a FET compressor, the attack range is quite fast, from 20μs to .8ms, and release is from 40ms to 1.2 seconds which are also stepped with 11 selections available. There’s ratio controls of 2:1, 4:1, 8:1 and 20:1, with the latter converting this into more of a limiter than a compressor. There’s gain reduction metering and output VU level meters too. API’s patented THRUST control can be activated for frequency-dependant side chain control while the D-S button will compress based on just the high end content, great for de-essing.

API Select SR22 2 Channel Compressor

The API Select SR22 2 Channel Compressor

In returning to their roots, the SR22 uses API’s award-winning compressor circuit except housed in a powered rack unit. Also featuring the THRUST control for preserving the high-end material of your signal and VU meters, this compressor will feel right at home for past users of API gear albeit with more visual feedback. Switchable soft knee compression is available as well as linking both channels for a combined RMS compression.

API Select SR24 2 Channel 4 Band EQ

API Select SR24 2 Channel 4 Band EQ

This two rack unit EQ is modelled after the APSI 562 EQ, and has continuous pots, great for fine tuning the frequency boosts and cuts. There’s 12dB of gain or attenuation on offer in this parametric EQ, which has a +24dB clip level in case you like to dial in heaps of boosts!

API Select TranZformer GTR

API Select TranZformer® GTR

In an interesting move, API have released two guitar pedals in this release. The first cab off the rank is the TranZformer GTR, which utilises an API 2510 OpAmp. The fixed 3-band EQ pedal (200Hz, 1.5kHz and 5kHz) features 15 dB of boosts and attenuation, which can then be driven into up to 40dB of gain. There’s an Overdrive mode which drives the pedal for extra harmonics and runs a buffered bypass. The high frequency band can be switched from a bell shape into a high shelf.

API Select TranZformer CMP

API Select TranZformer® CMP

Last up in this new line of API products is this compression pedal, the API Select TranZformer CMP.  Featuring the same OpAmp as the GTR, it has a VCA-type compressor circuit with classic API sound. All the controls you’d expect are here, except for a ratio knob but its pretty common to have a set ratio on stompboxes. Features include input and output gain, dry/wet, attack and release flickswitches, “feedback” and “feedforward” compressor styles and a mystery sustain knob.

For more information on this range head to the API website and for local enquiries hit up Audio Chocolate.