Akai MPC Update 2.10 adds vocal tuning, new instruments and FX to the mix

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Akai MPC Update 2.10 adds vocal tuning, new instruments and FX to the mix

Words by Sam McNiece

The update is for MPC One, MPC Live, MPC Live 2, MPC X, and MPC 2 Desktop.

Standalone sampler kings Akai have announced a large update to their MPC product range adding lots of new functionality. The range, which is based off their famous 90’s samplers widely used in hip hop production, receives new ways to interact, create and mix your music.

What you need to know:

  • Akai have added new functionality to their MPC products with update 2.10
  • Among the range of features, there are new instruments, vocal and channel effects, randomisation, key detection and more.
  • This vast update is free to all users of MPC One, MPC Live, MPC Live 2, MPC X, and MPC 2 Desktop.

Read all the latest product news here.

For starters, there’s four new instruments available here. Hype has 3 oscillators with four types of synthesis available which are wavetable, FM, virtual analog and multi-sampled instruments. Odyssey looks and acts like the legendary Arp Odyssey, a popular synth of electronic music pioneers Kraftwerk. The Mellotron comes packed with recreations of all six original tape sounds and Solina which is a bonafide strings machine!

With this update, MPCs can now interact with audio interfaces up to 32 channels of inputs and outputs. Using a class compliant mixer or interface, MPCs can talk directly to them, allowing for outboard mixing, rerecording back into the MPC, recording 8 channels of synths or vocals or whatever you can imagine.

In addition to this, seven new FX have been added, with standouts being half speed, which does exactly what you think it does, Diode Clip, being a saturation effect, a Spring Reverb, Granulator and Limiter.

MPC 2.10 adds vocal FX to the mix including vocal tuning, vocal harmoniser and vocal doubler. All these perform like you would expect with the vocal tuner applying that robotic tuning effect featured on most pop songs now, and the harmoniser and doubler adding stereo width and depth to vocal tracks.

Drum Pad FX allows you to choose eight different one knob effects per pad to quickly saturate, filter and modulate drum samples. This kind of feature is perfect for quickly getting that ‘boom’ on your drums.

This update introduces randomisation for pan, pitch, volume, filter, sample offset and envelope parameters. This feature can be applied to individual drums or key groups for spicing up your beats.

Other new features for this MPC update include, portamento, drum/keygroup engine improvements and the ability to add decay to sample chops, making for a much smoother all round experience.

Check out all the new features in MPC 2.10 update via this video below.

For more information check out the Akai website.