Reviewed: Positive Grid BIAS Delay Twin

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Reviewed: Positive Grid BIAS Delay Twin

Effect: Modulation

Expect To Pay: $399

Distributor: Link Audio



Recommended For:

Players who want an endless soundscape of delay at their feet.



I’m pretty damn picky when it comes to delay pedals, so much so that I currently have three different delay pedals on my board. I can happily say that I could replace all three of them with the Bias Delay Twin. The pedal has every delay sound that I need in one, and they’ve managed to recreate a myriad of classic delay sounds wonderfully.



It’s really as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. If you just wanted to stick with the nine presets on the pedal, there is already a heap to play around with and tweak. From there, you can deep dive into the Bias Pedal app and Positive Grid’s ToneCloud to explore any number of tonal possibilities.



Compact, heavy, and ready to take a beating on the road.



I’m so impressed by all of the pedals in the Bias Twin series, but the delay is the one that has really blown me away. It’s so much more than just another modeller. Thanks to the Bias Pedal app and ToneCloud, you are in total control and can ensure that the Bias Delay Twin does exactly what you need it to.