Reviewed: Meris Enzo

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Reviewed: Meris Enzo

Effect: Multi Voice Synth

Expect To Pay: $475

Distributor: Studio Connections



Recommended For:

Alt-rock, avant-garde and experimental performers.



There are a million and one ways to use the Enzo and then some. From mind-bending ring modulation to sprawling frequency sweeps, this pedal’s capabilities are only limited by your creativity. Completely bypassing the synth functions even turns the Enzo into a vintage pitch-shifter.



The Enzo’s controls may take some time to get used to. Each knob governs a specific perimeter, enabling the player to tweak bandwidth filters, modulation depth, sustain, and much more. The magic happens when these settings are tweaked in conjunction with each other, producing a truly mind-boggling amount of tonal combinations. Plug an expression pedal into the Enzo, and you’ve got hours and hours of sonic experimentation ahead of you.



The pedal is finished in a durable coat of vibrant gold over a brushed aluminium housing, making for an extremely classy look with its polished black knob controls and text. Contrary to its immense sonic library, the Enzo is of an extremely manageable size, which means it can easily fit onto your board without any issues.



While this pedal isn’t for everyone, synth-enthusiasts and lovers of quirky sounds will definitely find something usable in the Meris Enzo. Ever wanted to turn the sound of your guitar into something else entirely? This might just be up your alley.