Reviewed: Mooer Groove Loop

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Reviewed: Mooer Groove Loop

Effect: Looper

Expect To Pay: $199

Distributor: Jade Australia



Recommended For:

Any and all players.



The Groove Loop operates as both a looper and a drum machine, making it incredibly versatile. With eight different drum grooves built into the drum machine, you can jam anything from rock and metal through to reggae and blues.



The pedal has three different modes: looper only, drum machine only, or the two together. The Groove Loop also has dedicated playback level controls for the looper and drum machine, which is invaluable when layering loops and ideas. The looper itself is simple to use and makes it easy to overdub layers.



Like all of Mooer’s micro pedals, the Groove Loop’s chassis is sturdy and takes up a tiny footprint on your pedalboard.



At the end of the day, the Groove Loop is a hell of a lot of bang for your buck. It’s perfect for building on ideas at home, and it’s the ideal pedal for buskers wanting to do the whole one-man-band thing.