Reviewed: NUX Lacerate FET Boost

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Reviewed: NUX Lacerate FET Boost


Effect: Boost

Expect To Pay: $69

Distributor: Pro Music Australia



Recommended For:

Guitarists looking to get the most out of their amp’s natural tone.



Tonally, NUX’s Lacerate FET Boost really doesn’t muck about, offering a faithful signal boost to push your amp into spanky valve grit and crunchy tones for cutting through the mix. With two separate boost modes – the ever-reliable Clean and the slightly more gnarly Crank – you’ll be able to nail all your favourite guitarists’ boost tones. From Johnny Marr to John Mayer, the Lacerate FET Boost will do it all.



As much as I adore deep-diving into complex stompboxes loaded with knobs and dip-switches, the simplicity of NUX’s Lacerate is incredibly refreshing. Stomping on the footswitch will activate the Lacerate’s first Clean boost, while holding your foot down for a second will activate the Crank function, with both modes being controlled by the ubiquitous level knob. Can’t beat that for simplicity.



The Lacerate FET Boost sees NUX rolling on with their current focus on micro pedals, bearing a minimal, no frills design reminiscent of MXR’s famous Micro Amp boost. Although the plain white paintjob is a bit harsh on the eyes, the Lacerate is by all means a rugged unit, perfectly suited for heavy use onstage.



Too often these days, pedals are loaded with unnecessary bells and whistles to appeal within a heavily competitive stompbox market. NUX have totally eschewed this ethos with the Lacerate FET Boost, providing players with a simple yet effective signal boost to highlight the sonic nuances of your beloved valve amplifier.