Reviewed: Kink Charlie Fuzz

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Reviewed: Kink Charlie Fuzz

Effect: Fuzz

Expect to Pay: $110

Distributor: Kink Guitar Pedals


Recommended For:

Rock/indie/punk/blues and players who want fuzz, but haven’t got lots of pedalboard space.



Can fit into a range of genres, but offers fairly straightforward silicon fuzz tone-wise. An internal bias trimpot lets you tweak to taste, but otherwise it’s plug in and play fuzzy goodness.



So easy. One big control knob and that’s it. That big knob lets you make adjustments quite easily on the fly by hand (or even by foot).



Neat and tidy on the inside, the Charlie looks the goods. Bonus points for the light-up eye LEDs.



A great mini fuzz that pulls some beefy classic tones. Good for fat riffs, splatty chords and fuzzy lead lines, the Charlie can save space and add to your sonic palette.