Reviewed: NUX Loop Core Deluxe

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Reviewed: NUX Loop Core Deluxe


Effect: Looper

Expect To Pay: $199

Distributor: Pro Music Australia



Recommended For:

Solo performers and musicians looking for a viable songwriting sketchpad and performance tool.



Loopers have become an essential asset to the creative process of a wide assortment of musicians today, and with the Loop Core Deluxe, NUX aims to appease them all. Offering 99 banks of storage, eight hours of recording time, unlimited overdubs and 40 drum machine patterns, whether you’re aimlessly noodling in your bedroom or setting up an intricately layered live loop, you’ll be in good hands with the Loop Core Deluxe.



The NUX Loop Core Deluxe takes a relatively simple approach to looping, with three coloured LEDS and a bright LCD display helping you find your way around the pedal with absolute ease. The inclusion of NUX’s dual footswitch is an extremely welcome addition to the looping experience, and with a bit of practice (and study of the instruction manual), mastering the device will be a breeze.



Despite its slight size, the Loop Core Deluxe is built like a brick – even the dual footswitch is almost as hefty as the pedal itself, which should give you peace of mind when lugging it about to gigs. While I wasn’t too fond of the stacked design of the rhythm and loop volume knobs, the other buttons onboard the Loop Core Deluxe feel pretty sturdy, and the sparkling gold and silver finish will add a touch of finesse to your rig.



If you’re on the hunt for a simple yet versatile tool to take your creative ideas to the next level, look no further than the NUX Loop Core Deluxe. Although there’s something for everyone with this one, I’d highly recommend it for budding guitarists looking to make an entry into the exciting world of looping.