Reviewed: Fender Full Moon Distortion

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Reviewed: Fender Full Moon Distortion

Effect: Distortion

Expect To Pay: $299

Distributor: Fender Australia



Recommended For:

All types of metal, rock and punk players.



The Full Moon Distortion is Fender’s first take on a high-gain distortion pedal, and is chock-full of powerful sound-shaping options. Complementing the standard three-band EQ is a high-treble control, which allows players to add or remove top-end sizzle as desired. Texture and bite switches enable players to choose between different clipping modes and level of attack gain respectively, while a second footswitch offers up to 12dB of post-gain boost for harmonically rich overtones.   



Fender’s new line of pedals adds extra functionality without overcomplicating things, and the same applies to the Full Moon Distortion. The controls are intuitive enough for players to get stuck into almost instantly, with a variety of means to experiment with the metric ton of gain available on tap. Unfortunately, the included boost is not independent and can’t be used when the pedal is bypassed. 



Out of all of Fender’s colourful new offerings, this ranks near the top of the list in terms of aesthetics. The deep blue anodized aluminium body is topped off with a sapphire Fender amp jewel light, and has matching blue LEDs for both the control knobs and boost indicator switch. This pedal is solidly built and looks absolutely stunning.



The Full Moon Distortion is the jacked up older brother of Fender’s Pugilist Distortion pedal. Aggressive in both sound and demeanour, this no-nonsense distortion pedal should be on every shred-head’s radar.