Reviewed: Mooer Micro Preamp 017

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Reviewed: Mooer Micro Preamp 017

Effect: Preamp

Expect To Pay: $169

Distributor: Jade Australia



Recommended For:

Shredders looking to get a wide variety of high-octane tones without spending $2000 + on a boutique high-gain amp.



Modelled on the circuitry of the infamous Californian combo amps, which rose to prominence with the popularisation of heavy metal, the Mooer Micro Preamp 017 faithfully recreates the searing thrash tones favoured by the likes of Metallica and Suicidal Tendencies in the ‘80s. You want face-melting gain? The Mooer Micro Preamp 017 has it on tap.



If you’re familiar with Mooer, you’ll know how much the company loves to simplify their stompboxes by stripping things back to the bare necessities. The Micro Preamp 017 sticks true to this ideology. In addition to your traditional three-band EQ and volume and gain controls, there’s a nifty little channel/cab simulator switch, offering a wild cocktail of tonal possibilities.



I honestly can’t think of anything better than having the tone of a Mesa-Boogie in a pedal small enough to slip into your pocket, and the Micro Preamp 017’s aluminium chassis and pretty blue finish is certainly appealing to the eye. If anything, the tiny control knobs felt a bit flimsy, but if you use the old ‘set and forget’ method, it won’t be an issue for you.



While I’m certainly not heavily invested in the realm of heavy music nowadays, I definitely had a brief thrash phase as a teenager, and I really wish the Micro Preamp 017 existed back then because I would have snapped it up in a heartbeat. It’s the perfect solution to nailing those feverish high-gain tones without having to drop racks on a boutique Cali combo, with Mooer once again proving themselves as the frontrunner in the micro pedal market.