Universal Audio launch UAFX control app for new pedals

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Universal Audio launch UAFX control app for new pedals

Words by Sam McNiece

Available for both iOS and Android devices.

Utilising the Bluetooth connectivity of their three new stompboxes, Universal Audio have released a mobile app to control various settings within them. A big plus for current or future owners of these dual-processor engine UAFX pedals.

What you need to know:

  • UAFX Control works with Universal Audio’s three recently released stompbox pedals.
  • App allows users to change settings on pedals and activate them allowing for an additional effect.
  • Shows potential for future updates to this range of pedals.

Read all the latest product news here.

With the pedals boasting Bluetooth, it was only a matter of time before UA unveiled a mobile control app. UAFX Control allows you to modify some of the parameters not accessible on the physical pedal.

Using the app, you can rename your pedal, and change settings for each pedal. On all UAFX pedals, there’s options for bypass routing, either enabling true. bypass or letting the tails ring through when deactivated. Astra Modulation Machine can be altered to add or remove tap tempo while the Starlight Echo Station has switchable preamp colouration and tap tempo changes available.

There’s additional effects for each pedal, available when you register your UAFX pedal through either this app or the desktop version. Golden Reverberator gets the Chamber & Plate effect, Starlight receives the Cooper Time Cube and Astra adds two effects, Dharma 61 and Phaser X90.

All these features are neat, albeit with limited functionality, but it does show how these pedals can be potentially upgraded in the future which will future-proof them in the market.

Check out the pedals in action below.

 Head to Universal Audio for more and hit up CMI for local enquiries.