This Melbourne studio is offering a free day of recording to local heavy acts

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This Melbourne studio is offering a free day of recording to local heavy acts

Words by Will Brewster

Giving you the chance the recoup your recording losses.

It goes without saying that the last few months have been a bit of a mess for Melbourne musicians. Between job losses, lockdowns and the sluggish return to live music, the industry has witnessed its fair share of doom and gloom in recent times – which makes opportunities like this all the more exciting.

Vintage Physics Audio Production, a recording room based in the heart of the city, is giving back to Melbourne’s local heavy community by giving bands the chance to enjoy a day’s worth of tracking for absolutely no cost whatsoever.

Run by engineer Alexander Jackson, who’s previously worked for the likes of Sing Sing Studios, Triple J’s Live Music Team and national broadcast networks such as ABC, ESPN and Nine, Vintage Physics Audio Production features a 50 square metre live room with a number of separated isolation booths, offering unparalleled acoustic quality.

The studio also boasts a vintage Steinway concert grand piano in addition to considerable collection of vintage microphones, plus Universal Audio I/O, Event Opal and Amphion One18 monitoring.

If you’re keen to throw your hat in the ring and snag yourself some free studio time, all you need to do is email Alex at [email protected] to pitch your project and fill him in on what you’d like to track.

Whether you want to lay down a full bed of tracks or simply just focus on getting a killer vocal performance is your choice, but we reckon you’d be bonkers to not take advantage of this hot offer.

Find out more about Vintage Physics via their studio website