Superbooth 2022

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Superbooth 2022

(Image: Angela Kröll at Superbooth 21)

Stay tuned for all the latest updates

Today marks the beginning of Superbooth 2022, a two-day exhibition showcasing the latest synthesiser and electronic music technology innovations in Berlin.

Here, notable brands such as Moog, Elektron, Korg, Oberheim, and more will announce and showcase a range of new products, available for attendees to play and report back on the latest and greatest. 

Some notable bits of gear expected to be demonstrated at Superbooth are the new Elektron Syntakt drum machine and the recently announced Oberheim OB-X8, just to name a few.

Expect to see lots of new articles here on Mixdown, covering the wide range of new products that will be announced over the coming days.

Head to Superbooth for more information on their events and more!