SSL Native X-Echo: A unique delay processor

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SSL Native X-Echo: A unique delay processor

Solid State Logic SSL X-Echo delay plugin
Words by Sam McNiece

With a clever UI design and in-built effects.

Solid State logic adds to their range of plugins with a new vintage tape inspired delay software. X-Echo features all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a delay plugin plus an interesting visual display of delay taps and various effects to modulate and sculpt your EQ sound.

What you need to know:

  • Solid State Logic have released the SSL Native X Echo, a hardware inspired tape delay plugin.
  • The X-Echo combines the warm sound of vintage tape with a unique waveform visualisation that displays where delays will sit in relation to the input signal.
  • The plugin features saturation, EQ, a de-esser, wow and flutter plus diffusion effects and width control to assist in creating interesting delay tails.

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The X-Echo has four tape heads at increments of 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and 1 multiple of the selected delay time to choose from. You can engage any of them in whichever combination you’d like to create varied delay tails. There’s selectors on the bottom on then UI that allow for quick delay time selection that is synced to the BPM of your DAW.

Being an analogue inspired plugin, the X-Echo allows user to add Wow & Flutter, which is a common and sometimes highly desirable effect which creates that warble-y sound concurrent with tape machines.

Alongside the common controls such as delay time, feedback, freeze and mix controls, X-Echo has saturation, diffusion, de-essing, width and EQ controls. These additions allow the plugin to exist as an all-in-one monster delay plugin for creating unique delay effects. The de-esser can help remove some of the harsher sibilance that would be pushed forward through the saturation control while diffusion and width can help differentiate the delayed sound from the original audio.

Check out this video below showing off the new plugin.

Head to SSL’s website to check out the Native X Echo plugin.