Zoom embrace Autotune with the V6 Vocal Effects Processor

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Zoom embrace Autotune with the V6 Vocal Effects Processor

It's The Brand's First Foray Into Vocal Effects

Zoom are renowned around the world for their stranglehold on the multi-effects market, so it might be a bit of a surprise to find that the company have never dabbled in the vocal processing market. That all looks set to change with the new V6 Vocal Processor, which sees Zoom take TC-Helicon’s VoiceLive series head-on with a massive Effects Processing floorpod for vocalists.

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While resembling Zoom’s previous G series guitar floorboards, it’s clear from the get-go that this bad boy is all for vocals – it even ships with a handheld SGV-6 Shotgun microphone with stage noise supression. The pedal itself features three different sections – Voice, Harmony and Effects – while the expression pedal can control a swathe of parameters upon assignment.

Your first port of call with the V6 is the Voice section, which boasts twelve effects to choose from including double-tracking, octave shifting and pitch correction for Autotune style effects. There’s also a range of presets to let you get weird with your singing, including bass vocoder, vocoder, whistle, robot, talkbox, child and deep, giving you more than plenty to play with.

In addition, there’s also a pretty powerful Harmony section built into the V6 which you can use to create dense three-part harmonies – perfect for unleashing your inner D’Angelo. The Effect section lets you mix in Delay, Reverb, Echo, Chorus and Distortion effects, as well as Telephone and Beat Box styles if you want to get a bit experimental. To top it all off, the V6 is complete with a voice enhancing de-esser/EQ function, a single knob compressor and a looper with 3 minutes and 30 seconds of loop time, as well as the potential to use battery power for three and a half hours.

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