Ernie Ball Music Man teams up with Omar Rodriguez-Lopez for signature Mariposa

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Ernie Ball Music Man teams up with Omar Rodriguez-Lopez for signature Mariposa

The stunning guitar, which is essentially a combination of Ernie Ball Music Man’s Albert Lee and St. Vincent models, features a lightweight African mahogany body with a roasted maple neck and ebony fretboard with block inlays. The Mariposa is also adorned with an ornate laser-etched floral pickguard, locking Schaller tuners and a two-point floating tremolo, as well as a three-way selector switch and two custom-wound Ernie Ball Music Man humbuckers. In classic Omar Rodriguez-Lopez style, the Mariposa features no tone controls, boasting only two 500k volume knobs to control the gain of the humbuckers. 



The Mariposa is available in both deluxe and standard options, with the deluxe versions boasting gold hardware and controls in either Imperial Black or Imperial White finishes. The standard, on the other hand, features chrome hardware and controls and is available in Dorado Green or Pueblo Pink. 



It’s a very interesting time to roll out a signature model for Omar. Months ago, the guitarist’s longtime bandmate Cedric Bixler-Zavala teased a Mars Volta reunion and claimed that the dynamic duo were in the studio recording new music together. Keen ears will also be able to pick up Omar’s distinctive guitar style and tone in the above teaser video – you can really hear him working his WH10 wah. It’s fair to say we’re very, very excited about what’s coming next. 


Ernie Ball Music Man is distributed in Australia via CMC Music